Jamie was born in Houston, Texas and received a degree in Architecture from Texas A&M University in 2004. Her interest in form and line led her to painting and drawing in addition to her architectural studies. She first started painting scenes and landscapes as part of the environmental design process, but the art quickly became figurative. Her art is now influenced by the people and experiences in her life such as the duality of humanity and how people affect, hurt, and love each other. Female figures are more prevalent and can be seen merging with the elements around them to explore their interconnectedness. Visceral images are often juxtaposed with figures in dream scenes and other subconscious elements to explore emotional phenomena. She also uses images from her own dreams and childhood to help unlock distant memories, a kind of self-therapy. Overall her artistic approach stems from surrealistic philosophies. Jamie is currently studying classical painting at the Schuler School of Fine Art in Baltimore where still life and portraiture have become the main focus of her work. Training in the methods and materials of the Old Masters through this subject matter is allowing Jamie to achieve a high level of skill needed for realistic painting. After her training is complete, she will apply these fundamentals back to the pursuit of surrealist work.

Jamie Wallace