This Makes Sense

This makes sense

Lovers Series Part III: This Makes Sense
27″ x 36″
Oil on Canvas

“She rolled over one day
Because she rolled over one day and looked at him
She stopped loving him because one day she rolled over and looked at him and realized he didn’t have a space for her. Maybe she hadn’t woken up or rolled over, or she had but she was standing outside in the rain and she looked at him. It was raining outside, really pouring, she was wearing a white dress but she would never wear a white dress. He had an umbrella, he was smiling and waving but he didn’t invite her over, he hadn’t made a space for her. She just kept thinking “this makes sense” “this makes sense” “this makes sense” and she was nearly naked in the rain and the rain was cold and he smiled and turned and left. And she whispered this makes sense” -Georgia Van Gunten