Works in Progress

The Visceral Persona:

Coming to terms with our bodies’ limitations and changes over time is a universal task. Disease, cancer, injury, addiction, and aging can all affect the body physically and the mind emotionally. The visceral persona project intends to document these experiences of several different individuals whose bodies have been altered forever. Through portraiture and writing, I aim to capture a person’s specific trauma in order to create a better understanding of it, for the individual themselves and the general public. The end product will be large scale oil paintings combining an outward portrait with an inward one, focusing on the internal organs, muscles and bones. Each portrait will be accompanied with written testimonials, health documents, and diagnostic images such as X-Rays and MRI’s. The project’s objective is to cultivate positive self imagery for and toward the affected individual while aiding in his or her healing process; creating new body awareness for the community.


Nature versus Nurture:

There is a constant struggle between our innate qualities and our environment, causing personalities to adapt. Similarly, there is conflict with modern technologies and the natural world, nature conforms to our ever imposing industrialization. Can our inherent characteristics overcome our personal experiences and will the beauty of nature prevail once more?

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